Shaz Syed


Shaz is a filmmaker and cameraman based in New Delhi -Gurugram (India) with over 10 years of experience.

He has shot films on wildlife, forest-dwelling communities and vulnerable habitats close to urban establishments. While his focus has remained environmental subjects through journalistic and documentary genres, he has also covered heritage conservation, corporate events and boutique resorts.

Shaz is intrigued by how history, policy and contemporary human requirements influence the natural environment. And it is this broader context upon which he aims to shape his long-term projects.

To get a better understanding on the subjects he intends to work on, he regularly enrolls in courses on community-incentivized conservation, voluntary initiatives led by scientists and forest officials, and likes to spend time with people living on the fringes of wildlife reserves and national parks.

He occasionally organizes nature walks for children and adults in forests adjoining Delhi that are particularly vulnerable to anthropogenic pressures.

A long-time athlete, Shaz regularly pursues sports and athletic training – something that has helped him on field assignments.

He is an avid traveller with a good understanding of languages and customs especially across North India. When not at work, he loves to go on long treks and expeditions, and is always up for fostering meaningful connections; usually over a cup of coffee.

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